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Every week we discuss ideas to help us become better prepared for events in our lives that are difficult to deal with. Preparedness is not just for the emergency management field, but can help in our daily lives. The better prepared we are for emergencies, disasters, and other unexpected events, the quicker we can recover from these events and continue to focus on the important things in our lives like happiness, comfort, friendship, and community, to name a few.

As an InDigitNess Voice community, we can help each other. Each week, a new discussion will build on the previous week’s discussion. Please join us every week, and Let’s Talk About ideas and concepts to live better, and/or continue living well with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Remember, as a community we can make a difference

Links and Resources

Please take a moment to participate in this brief anonymous survey conducted by the Big City Emergency Managers (BCEM) Emerging Leaders Program. The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from the public about their perceptions of emergency management and their roles in a major disaster affecting their community. Thank you, your feedback is critical to the improvement of emergency management nationwide. The survey link is at: https://www.research.net/s/NYDHM5T

Check back frequently for updates and new information!


If you have suggestions for this page, please email: alix@indigitnessvoice.org

One comment on “Let’s Talk About…
  1. Rick says:

    To your comment this morning concerning rational thinking on the part of the “hands up, don’t shoot, ” etc. factions in our country today all I can say is hubba hubba, bravo, Amen. Thank you Alix! I appreciated your dad when was on with Suzie and know how proud he must be to have a son such as yourself. I always appreciate what’s going on and being said on the show, not only by you, but everyone involved. Although it is too short, your program is a definite asset to the community. Hurray for all of you involved in bringing this program to all who hear it. Rick

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