Native Musicians featured on InDigitNess Voice: (21 September 2014)


Program Feature:
Todays’ program focus is on Native American musicians featured on InDigitNess Voice: Burning Sky & Clan Destine


Burning Sky:
Karma. Kismet. Serendipity. Call it by any other name and it still comes up
destiny. That is the explanation for the genesis of Burning Sky. Three men from
different cultures, two from opposite coasts, a clash of urban and rural
upbringing, and an age differential spanning nearly two decades.

Burning Sky’s music is as explosive as its name. Original compositions combine
jazz, classical, rock, and blues with native panache. Their music and “sound”
are as original as the individuals who comprise the group – three contrasting
personalities separated not only by decades, but by divergent backgrounds.

In his mid-forties, Michael Bannister is the “elder” of the group bringing 20
years experience as a professional percussionist with a strong background in
blues, rock, folk and country. Originally from upstate New York, Bannister has
lived and traveled across the country touring with recording artists including
Lucinda Williams and Peter Case.

Aaron White is of White River Ute/Dine heritage. At 32, he is the founder of
this musical family and as such serves as the mediator between Bannister’s
percussion and Bizahaloni’s flute via the musical foundation he creates by laying
down the initial guitar tracks. Having been born in Oakland, California, and
reared in an Hispanic neighborhood, White’s acoustic guitar is “street smart”
and bears an undeniable Latin influence made more complex by his love of rock
and roll and heavy metal. Prior to forming Burning Sky, White played solo guitar
for ten years and began composing during that time.

The youngster of the trio is 24-year-old Kelvin Bizahaloni, a full-blooded Dine,
born and raised at Fort Defiance on the Navajo reservation in northern Arizona.
What he lacks in years, Bizahaloni makes up for in heart bringing a maturity to
his native flute normally associated with an older and seasoned flutist.

In the three short years Burning Sky has been together, they have recorded three
albums on the Canyon Records label, the first being self-titled Burning Sky
(CR-7025) and the second release, Blood of the Land (CR-7026). Their third album,
Creation (CR-7027), was released in October 1996. Their debut album received
favorable reviews from a diverse range of publications including Dirty Linen and
Indian Country Today, the latter referring to the album as the “…perfect
vehicle for the voice of the New Age Nineties.”–prodsearch–string=burning+sky&ecom–prodsearch–type=ALL&ecom–prodsearch–resultspp=10&ecom–prodsearch–pricemin=0.00&ecom–prodsearch–pricemax=&SUBMIT=Submit







About the Artist
The band has been together since 1995. Venues include everyplace from local
Scottsdale Center for the Arts to the Cavern Club in London, England to Australia,
Germany and all across the USA. Their music combines rock, reggae and jazz with
strong Native American influences. Derrick Davis adds a unique element to their
shows by performing traditional hoop, fancy, traditional, and contemporary
dance choreography. Clan/destine has performed for President Bill Clinton and
at the Inaugural Ball for President Elect George W. Bush. Recently, the band won
“Best Pop/Rock Recording” at the Native American Music Awards in Albuquerque, NM
for their second album “Deeply Rooted.”



Clan/Destine Youtube videos:
Clan-Destine One More Warrior YouTube

Breeze in the Wind – Clan // Destine

Clan Destine – Santa Fe


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